Spring Tackle Training

What is the Spring Tackling Program? When does it operate? How many?

tackle_training Since the Commissioner of NFLYFL is a retired National Football League Player he has communicated to the Board of Directors his philosophy and the importance of off season training for youth football players. For this reason NFL Board has passed that EVERY year NFLYFL will have an annual spring off Season Tackle Training program.

Research shows young athletes who stay on the cutting edge of conditioning reduce the probability of injury. The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) is made up of experts in the fields of sport science, athletics, and fitness suggest that all athletes’ need to maintain a  level fitness; but specific training for youth football in particular can start as early as 10 weeks in advance of the pre-season.

The NSCA also states off-season training has many advantages. Some of them include:

The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) have many resources including position papers on youth resistance training and published articles on training for football that can be accessed. For more information on the NSCA, call 1-800-815-6826 or visit their website at:www.nsca-lift.org

tackle_training1NFLYFL has invested over $15,000 on state of the art equipment in order to properly develop and train our players. This equipment coupled with the USA Football Heads up Program is the key component for our player’s growth, training, and injury prevention.

NFLYFL off Season Training Program is 10 weeks (from mid-March to the end of May). Players meet once a week for a two hour session. Tim Lester invites retired Players to join in specific football position training; this is a key component of the success of our spring training. Our player learn first-hand from pros who have experienced on the Pro Level.

Players are trained with state of the art equipment:

All New Players to tackle football will attend two sessions focused on helmet fit and safety. Parents and players are given an NFLYFL “Equipment 101 for Players and Parents” informational sheet. This informational sheet obtains critical information on proper equipment fitting, key questions parents should ask their player to ensure their equipment is properly on and fitting correctly.

At NFLYL “Education is key” educating both our players and parents is one of our major focuses.

For more information, visit www.usafootball.com.


Due to relocating to King’s Ridge, there will be NO spring tackle training.

Players train with state of the art equipment:

Jr. Tackle Breaker

S-Advantage Tackler

Jr. Safety Tackler

The Kaboom Safety Tackler

Players enhance their football skills and build on football fundamentals.

New Tackle Players:

Learn Equipment safety

Learn Equipment Fitting

Learn the proper functions of their helmet and pads

Learn football fundamentals and Specific Position Skills

Train with state of the art equipment