One on One Training

1) Private Training  (One-on-one instruction–1 session/week)
Private training sessions are designed based on the individual player’s skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

* 6 week option: $65 per player
* 8 week option: $60 per player
*10 week option: $55 per player

2) Small Group Training  (3-5 players in group)
Small group training is designed around players’ age, skill level, and position.

* 6 week option: $60 per hour per player
* 8 week option: $55 per hour per player
*10 week option: $50 per hour per player

Training is based on the athletes skill set, age and outcomes that want to be achieved. An assessment is given during the first session to evaluate the player. Our performance training program is designed to enhance athletic skill, build character, and develop football technique while focusing on fundamentals. Athletes will benefit from pro experienced, coaching who have extensive football background, knowledge of athletic development, and commitment to personal excellence on and off the field.  Lessons learned through our one on one training program will push athletes to rise above their expectations for mental and physical toughness and performance to achieve new levels of personal success.

For an appointment or to schedule training please call 404-838-6722 or email