Milton Football

Our Team Character Building Mission

Each player will choose a character trait word that he/she lives by on back of his jersey.

In order to serve our community; New Found Life Youth Football Teams could potentially compete in Two Different Leagues.

North Metro Youth Football League: D2 Teams will participate in NMFL.

Youth Football Association:  Elite Competitive Teams will participate in YFA.

ALL K-2nd Grade Teams will play Saturday Games at Bell Park.

Teams will be zoned to their prospective high schools.

Absolutely NO refund after the season begins


We believe protecting our players is the number our number one priority. In the Fall of 2016, we had two flag football players experience major concussions; knowing our players’ safety was our major concern we set off to find the best flag football equipment. We believed if we could find the best equipment we could help grow regain the love of football in our community while allowing all our players to be safe, have fun, compete and offering a better experience for everyone involved. As a parent of two boys knowing my kids are protected puts my mind at ease. We believe that every time you step foot on a field to play or practice football in a non-contact scenario, you should be wearing soft-shell protection specifically made for the sport. After much research, we chose to partner with Schutz Flag Football Helmet

Schutz offers elite protection to match our high standards. Schutz has taken 50+ years of football experience and designed football’s most comprehensive piece of head protection available. No other soft shell helmet available has been designed with strictly football in mind.

Cost for Flag: $125.00 for New Found Life Milton Residents, $187.50 for non Residents

Players will have to purchase the Flag soft shell Shutz Helmet and Shoulder pad: $68.00 for both

Home Fields

Bell Memorial Park

Milton High School